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Interesting catering ideas for weddings

04 May 2017
Wedding Insurance Group

2017 undoubtedly has seen the rise of street food popularity at weddings. Whether it is the focal part of the menu or a later addition on the day for guests in search for a snack, street food or untypical cuisine is popping up more and more at weddings.

Although I am predominantly an insurer, this area of creativity has always fascinated me and so I am delighted to share some creations that really captured my attention when I was searching the web for trends on wedding catering.

Before I begin, I would like to refer you to two points I discussed in our last article about changing attitudes towards weddings. Couples want their wedding days to be known as a fun day and believe it or not, food and drink took top priority over the venue and the dress. These points are highly relatable to the following examples of culinary creativity.

Wedding Catering Bread Bar

This bread bar by Ten 22 Studio really goes to the top level with a beautifully displayed selection of artisan loaves and flavoured butters appealing to the masses as after all, who hates bread and butter?

Wedding Catering Oyster Bar

The George in Rye, a luxury hotel and wedding venue really does bring definition to the word luxury with this superb example of an oyster and champagne bar decorated with samphire and garnishes. Yes oysters aren’t for everyone but many people try them at least once. This example really is a beautiful rendition of a timeless classic.

Wedding Catering Mini Burgers And Pints

We’ve all seen the mini burgers and toasties become a popular choice on modern canapé platters but this example by Colin Cowie Weddings really takes it to the next level by offering petite pints. How about using this concept for miniature tacos and tequilas or tiny sandwiches and G&T? Fantastic!

Wedding Catering Sorbet Lemon Bowls

Are you using lemon juice for a sauce or marinade? Why not use the leftover skins as bowels for raspberry sorbet? This much more colourful and eco-friendly alternative was bought to our attention by The Proper Pin Wheel.

Wedding Catering Jelly Melon Slices

When I saw this, I was smiling. Jelly watermelon slices. Country Living has an article detailing how to do it. Simply carve out half a melon and fill with jelly before setting and carefully slicing. This example screams fun.

Have you served interesting food at weddings and would like to share some examples with us? Reach out on our social media channels; we would love to hear from you. Let us know which out of the above was your favourite.

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Interesting catering ideas for weddings

Andrew Helliwell

Underwriter & Broker

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