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The Middleton Effect; how to make money from your classic car

05 June 2017
Wedding Insurance Group

Images of Pippa Middleton arriving at what was said to be the society event of the year in the oldest surviving E Type Jaguar, sent wedding couples into a frenzy, with an 85% increase in searches for classic transport for weddings (according to As a wedding car insurance specialist, I want to show the you that there’s more to be made of valuable classic cars and ‘The Middleton Effect’ could give classic car owners an opportunity to make money out of their pride and joy motors. 

Classic car enthusiasm has long been a part of the UK’s culture. However, with costs of repairs and maintenance mounting, many classic cars spend the latter years of their life hidden away in garages – unless their owners have very deep pockets and a lot of spare time. Luckily, love never goes out of fashion and there has been a huge surge in the classic wedding car market with all types of classic cars being utilised for those special days. By tapping into the wedding market owners can bring in some extra funds for the upkeep of their cherished vehicles. 

Here’s my expert advice on renting out a classic car for weddings:

  • Find classic car groups for advice. Specialist groups for your specific car contain priceless advice! Most of the clubs can be joined online, and many have a presence on social media such as Facebook Groups, handy for interacting instantly with other owners.
  • Full time driver? Decide if you want to still use your car on a daily basis, renting out to perhaps one or two weddings a month, or if you want to offer up the car on a full time basis.
  • Call in the experts. There are agencies out there who will work with an owner to find rental interest in a car who already have a database of regular venues, event planners etc. It’s worth thinking about using a service like this if you were going to make your vehicle available full time.
  • Get networking. Utilise the build up to the wedding season by attending wedding fairs and events and don’t forget to showcase those wonderful cars!
  • Got something a little different? The Wedding Insurance Group insure a wide range of vehicles from Tuk Tuk’s through to Rolls Royces and Beaufords. Furthermore, car colours don’t matter so much anymore – couples are no longer just looking for a cream Daimler with a chauffeur in all their finery for a wedding. The times are changing and people are embracing all things ‘different’. According to the Wedding Insurance Group, VW Campervans, in ANY colour, are currently the most popular choice of wedding car.


There are two options available to classic car owners when considering whether to hire out their pride and joy for weddings. The first involves the wedding couple driving the vehicle themselves - this is known as self-drive hire (SDH) and is a very specialist area of the insurance market with limited insurers. The second option, and the most straightforward way to operate, involves a vehicle being supplied with a driver (whether this is the owner, or a member of staff). 

Either way, the key here is that the correct cover is in force on the vehicle. It is important to note that standard motor policies do not enable vehicles to be hired out to third parties for their use nor do they permit the carriage of passengers for hire and reward. Instead, customers will need to source a specialist policy. The Wedding Insurance Group offer a comprehensive wedding hire motor policy including the hire and reward element, as well as employers and public liability for the drivers, staff and chaperoning duties. They also have access to self-drive insurers, albeit this is a more limited market.

In terms of pricing, premiums for a wedding car policy driven by the owner or a member of staff start from a few hundred pounds. However, the actual premium depends on the type of car, mileage and value.

The Wedding Insurance Group is the only insurer in the UK that is dedicated to providing the broadest range of insurance cover for the wedding and event industry. Our widely respected company’s classic car insurance policies are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those in the wedding trade business.

If your wedding car insurance policy is up for renewal or you want to know more about how you can secure competitive cover, visit our wedding car page or give me a call today for a chat 0800 699 0659 or 0121 550 2380.


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