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How wedding businesses can make a smaller budget go further

06 September 2017
Wedding Insurance Group

How wedding businesses can make a smaller budget go further.....

The average UK wedding according to new research carried out by Bridebook has now risen to a staggering £27,000. For many, that is a year’s salary spent in one day! As costs increase, many couples will be looking for ways to slash their budget without losing that all important ‘wow’ factor.

We have listed below our recommendations on how wedding businesses can meet the demand for cost effective alternatives. The primary purpose of these recommendations is to give inspiration to wedding professionals who may wish to broaden their existing services to accommodate additional revenue.

Fake Cake

According to Sainsbury’s, couples are wasting on average nearly £500 on wedding food. The biggest culprit is the cake as many couples opt for a multi-tiered design. Have you considered using dummy cake tiers? They’re commonly made out of recyclable polystyrene and can be decorated to fit in with the wedding theme. For those in demand naked cakes decorative bases are available to boost their stature. Ensure you offer sizes that can be easily supplied as bespoke designs will increase the cost. A couple wanting to control costs will most likely request a fairly simple design meaning using dummy tiers is a viable way to still have that special cake without breaking the bank.

Fake Cake Tiers

Venues Offering DIY DJ

Some couples will not have the budget for a live band or professional DJ. Therefore, like with many events, people can easily bring their own music to the party. Venues offering this option should make it as easy as possible for guests to plug into their PA systems. Installing an electronic sound level attenuation system will ensure the volume is reduced if a preset limit is exceeded (such as a drunk guest cranking up the volume). Use a bunched variety of fixed plugin cables for different devices fixed to a sturdy platform. TRRS cables work best for phones that contain a 3.5mm headphone jack. These have three black rings on the copper tip instead of two. Lightning to 3.5mm adapters are also available for the iPhone 7 which do not contain built in headphone jacks.

If the volume is turned up and the device is unplugged, this may cause damage to the system. With this in mind you should clearly display a warning sign advising guests to turn the volume down on their device or your master volume dial before unplugging. Clarify in your terms that any damage caused by premature unplugging will need to be compensated. A simple way to deal with this risk is do not offer this service to couples unless they take out wedding insurance with an appropriate level of public liability cover. Consider partnering with a specialist wedding insurance broker who can offer your couples wedding insurance.

The couple may consider asking guests to send in their requests in advance when preparing playlists. This time consuming task may not be suitable for some. Therefore, why not send out links to popular wedding playlists that are available on commonly used streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud?

Larger Wedding Vehicles

The Wedding Insurance Group is currently interviewing a selection of their wedding car clients across the country. All of them are reporting that couples nowadays are more likely to order only one car to make their budget go further. To accommodate this change in demand consider using a larger vehicle in your fleet. Larger wedding vehicles such as Camper Vans, Taxis or Imperials can seat up to seven guests and are proving popular. If you are using traditional marques, consider amending your service terms by offering unlimited journeys within the allotted time period or scrap the time period altogether and offer your vehicle for the entire day providing all journeys are within a limited radius. On this basis you can charge slightly more and the couple will pay less than hiring more than one vehicle.

Imperial Wedding Car

Image courtesy of Manor Bridal Cars. 

Ditching The Peonies

Peonies can be a rather expensive option depending on the time of year. If you have clients that are requesting a cheaper option, offer bouquets that consist of more greenery and stick to two kinds of flower. Why not forget floral centrepieces all together and create individual flowers to be worn by all guests? The flowers then become mobile and their beautiful scents follow wherever the guests go.

If the couple are having the ceremony at a different location from the reception, consider designing your flowers so they can be easily repurposed. If possible, reuse the flowers for another near event or offer to donate the flowers to a local hospice or homes for the elderly. However, to keep costs down, the couple will require volunteers to deliver the day after the wedding rather than professional florists.

Green Bouquet

Specialist Dress Reselling

As with all fashion businesses seasonal lines come and go and the wedding industry is no different. For those faced with rotating and managing their stock there is an option to sell to those budget conscious brides by utilising resellers. We know through our own work at the Wedding Insurance Group that there are established wedding retailers out there who solely specialise in selling end of line dresses on behalf of fellow retailers. This is a win-win situation as the reseller takes a cut of the sale, the originating retailer earns an extra income stream whilst focusing on the new seasons arrivals and the bride grabs a bargain!

If the average cost of a wedding continues to rise, will we see more and more demand for more cost effective services? By offering cheaper alternatives that don’t compromise on that ‘wow’ factor, your wedding business can ensure it always accommodates those couples that are looking to keep their costs under control.


How wedding businesses can make a smaller budget go further

Andrew Helliwell

Underwriter & Broker

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