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Photographer Insurance

Photographer Insurance

Professional cover for the professional photographer and videographer.

We have worked hard to create a specialist policy for the photographer and videographer market. With over twenty five years of experience Insuring wedding professionals we understand that insuring your equipment correctly is just one of many risks that you face whilst operating your business.

With professional and wedding photographers and videographers in mind Photographer and Videographer Insurance by the Wedding Insurance Group incorporates:

Professional Indemnity, which includes cover for claims arising from:

  • negligence, such as giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work, or a breach of your duty of care
  • infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark or moral rights or any act of passing-off;
  • any civil liability, unless specifically excluded in the policy wording.

Public and Products Liability, which includes cover for claims arising from:

  • damage to third-party property or bodily injury to any member of the public.

Employers' Liability, which covers claims arising from:

  • bodily injury, illness, death or disease of any of your employees or volunteers.

Technical Equipment, which includes cover for claims arising from:

  • damage to your cameras, lighting and portable electrical equipment at your business premises or home, on location and in transit, including accidental damage and theft;
  • continuing hire charges for which you are legally responsible following damage to technical equipment;
  • additional costs and expenses incurred in completing a production following damage to any film, photograph, negative, artwork, transparency, recorded video tape, soundtrack, animation cell, computer image or software.

Contents, which includes cover for:

  • damage to the contents of your business premises, including accidental damage;
  • damage to the personal effects of your employees or visitors to your business premises;
  • damage to contents temporarily elsewhere, including whilst in transit and kept at the home of any partner, director or employee of yours.

Buildings, which includes the following:

  • damage to the building, including accidental damage and subsidence;
  • the costs of locating damage to cables, underground pipes and drains following escape of water or a gas leak;

Business Interruption, which includes cover for:

  • your financial losses as a result of insured damage to property insured under this policy.


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Wedding Photographer Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photography Insurance?

As a photographer you rely on your equipment and skill set to earn a living. However, what if you damage your equipment or are accused of negligence or cause damage or an injury to third party property or persons? In any one of these situations, there is a high chance that your livelihood will be adversely affected. For this reason photography insurance is available to protect you and your business.

Do you just cover Wedding Photographers?

No, we are able to insure most photographers and can even include photobooths, photography studios and retailers.

Are you able to insure Videographers?

Yes, we know that the happy couple often like to have their special day filmed. To this end, we are able to insure most videographers and their equipment.

How much is Photography Insurance?

This very much depends on the experience of the client, the amount of kit which they require cover for and what the projected turnover and wage roll is for the coming year. Premiums start from a few hundred pounds for a full kit and liability package.

I am a member of a Professional Body, do I qualify for a discount?

We promote the industry on the whole and acknowledge membership of professional associations and are able to apply discounts subject to underwriting criteria.

Why Wedding Insurance Group?

Our team has more than twenty five years of experience Insuring Wedding Professionals.

The Wedding Insurance market can be complicated for the uninitiated and there are no other specialists in the market.

We are the UK’s only, exclusive specialist in the market.

We do NOT operate a call centre culture - and you can speak directly to our professional staff if you need a quotation or have any queries about your policy

We operate a *freephone number (0800 699 0659) - which means that you can speak to us without incurring any cost.

(*Free from landlines, but calls may be chargeable from mobiles - check with your network provider).

We offer easy-payment options so that our insurance is affordable - helping your cashflow in your business.


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Photographer Insurance

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